Public Information Meeting

The Nevada Department of Transportation is taking preventative measures to ensure the future safety of the traveling public within the Lake Tahoe Basin. As a result of large scale rock fall that occurred in early February 2015 and due to the threat of large diameter rock fall in the future, NDOT will construct a tunnel extension / rock fall shelter on the north side of the westbound Cave Rock Tunnel. This approximately 60′ long, 27′ tall, flat-topped structure will protect the traveling public by catching falling rocks all while blending into the natural surroundings with colors, patterns, and textures matching the adjacent rock faces.

Additionally, stormwater quality improvements will be made from approximately one mile north of Cave Rock at Milepost 8.4 through Milepost 11.4. Improvements include paved shoulders, new drop inlets, new sediment filtration systems, slope scaling, and barrier rail.

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Highway 50 Traffic Disruption — May 19th

A professional cycling race will disrupt traffic on Highway 50 in the middle of the day on Thursday, May 19th. If you happen to keep a calendar you may want to note this.

Similar to last year, the Women’s Amgen Pro Cycling Race will do a clockwise lap around the lake that will result in “rolling road closures” during the race. The riders will start at South Shore at 10:45 AM and will be heading south past Logan Creek Drive at approximately 1:15 -1:25 PM.

What this really means is that Highway 50 north (west) will be closed from around 12:50 pm until the last rider passes Logan Creek Drive around 1:30 pm.

Highway 50 south will probably be closed from 12:50 pm until all riders pass Stateline around 2:00 pm or so — and there will probably be a very long line of cars following the race at that time.

Also, Highway 28 to Incline Village will likely be closed from around 11:45 AM to 1:30 PM.

For those of you who might actually be fans of bicycle racing, the men pro cyclists will also be in the area that day also. However, they’ll be racing from Lodi 132.4 miles up Highway 88/89 (with a total 13,300 feet elevation gain) to the Heavenly Valley Resort base at the south end of Ski Run Blvd. The men’s finish is estimated at 3:45 PM. There will be a cycling festival in that area from 10 AM to 5 PM.

A majority of the men pro cyclists will be participating in the Tour de France in July. More information on the races can be found here: